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Reset Retreat | Women's Wellness + Adventure Retreat


What is Reset Retreat?

Reset Retreat is an exclusive retreat services provider that creates and implements custom one-of-a-kind experiences for your group. We specialize in custom retreats focused on team-building, personal growth and wellness, and adventure experiences tailored for our guests.

Whether you are a corporate group, sales team, reunion group, yoga tribe, or a group of friends looking for a unique getaway, Reset Retreat will work with you to meticulously plan and execute an unforgettable retreat.

What can I expect at Reset Retreat?

Our program has been developed to include daily yoga and life coaching sessions to deepen your relationship with yourself. Understanding your natural tendencies and patterns will allow our guides to help you break personal boundaries, find purpose, maximize potential and provide the tools needed to conquer obstacles and reset your perspective. Each Reset Retreat may differ, so visit each trip’s unique details page to learn more.

Reset Retreat is committed to you. Our prevailing intention is your personal growth.


Our Story

How do three women from different parts of the world come together with the common goal of changing lives? They simply meet on holiday and instantly connect! Natalie, Crystal and Cierra were all searching for something; struggling with personal expectations and looking for an outlet to satisfy their personal and business goals. For these women, the timing was perfect.




Natalie had taken a keen interest in personal growth and looked to couple a business opportunity with her passion to help others live authentically. Crystal had expanded her business to incorporate travel and wanted to couple that with her innate care taking ability and empathetic nature. Cierra had utilized her skills and industry knowledge to model and research retreats to help women reach a higher level of satisfaction.

To be impactful, the founders combined their individual experiences and self truths to collaborate and create Reset Retreat… a sanctuary and place of growth and exploration.


We invite guests of all ages, backgrounds and stages in their lives to join us at Reset Retreat. Surround yourself with other like-minded, amazing individuals while being awed by the natural beauty of our retreat location. Commit to your personal growth and let us focus on your needs while you enjoy a one of a kind experience.

Our guides will assist you every step of the way to ensure total relaxation and decompression. Our team consists of a full time guest manager who is focused on your exceptional experience, a yogi who will strive to renew your body and soul and our life coach who will be available to help clear your mind and reset your patterns. Please check each retreat page for specific trip inclusions and details.

Escape to the natural paradise of Nicaragua… Experience six days of sun, surf, serenity, and yoga. Explore beautiful San Juan del Sur, take a moment to breathe and reconnect, and challenge yourself by learning to surf on this life-changing experience in partnership with Traverse Journeys!


Experience the magic of Morocco… with eight days of yoga, art, and exploration. From boutique guesthouses in colorful Marrakech to camping under the stars in the Sahara desert, you’ll connect with the local culture and with yourself on this unforgettable getaway in partnership with Traverse Journeys!


Is your group ready for a custom one-of-a-kind experience? Whether it’s a wellness retreat packed with yoga, an adventure trip made to challenge you, or a curated event, we are here to create an experience to remember.


Send your best to get even better with Reset Retreat. Reward your team member with a trip to an upcoming retreat, or send your team for a rejuvenating, team-building experience at a specialty corporate retreat.



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6 things to bring on a life-changing journey

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Reset Retreat, in partnership with Traverse Journeys, has something special in store for you this November 5-10th. Enjoy six days of sun, surf and serenity with Austin-based yoga instructor Gigi Mao. Gigi Mao has been a devoted practitioner of yoga for more than a decade and teaches alignment-based flow. Her classes are...

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We are happy to introduce Bethany Webb, our yoga coach! We heard about Bethany through a very trusted friend who couldn’t say enough wonderful things. We knew we had to meet this woman, and couldn’t think of someone else who aligns so closely with our message. Q&A with Bethany Webb RR:...

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