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Reset Retreat

About Reset Retreat

Reset Retreat is an exclusive women’s wellness and adventure retreat that combines personal growth with incredible experiences. It is a place where you can come to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. Release yourself from bad habits, toxic relationships, needy friends, family and unappreciative coworkers. Commit to giving yourself the time and space to heal, reset and grow in a luxurious setting.

Feeling beautiful inside and out

Brittany’s Thoughts on Beauty Beauty to me is such a hard word to describe. So many people view beauty as looks alone. They describe celebrities wearing different fashions, a blossoming flower or even the latest designer handbag as beautiful. In our society we are prone to view everyone based on...


Break Up / Wake Up

GUEST POST BY MELISSA SINKHORN Ever since college graduation I have been on a journey to find myself. In the last two years I’ve discovered who I am, what I want out of life and the type of woman I want to be. I have solidified the answers to my personal...


Be-YOU-tifully Authentic

GUEST POST BY KELLI WEIBLEN “Take time to do what makes your soul happy.  Whatever comes let it come.  What stays let stay.  What goes let go.”   This blog was written for women that feel lost…  For the women that need a ‘reset’ button, a fresh start. I hope your soul...


Inspiration from the Reset Retreat Community

We at the Reset Retreat team are still reeling over the life changing experience we had on our first Retreat in Belize. The connections that we saw and shared with our incredible guests remain some of our most treasured memories. During one of our Group Sessions at Reset Retreat, we...


Frumpcakes and a punch in my perspective

GUEST POST BY LACI CHAPMAN The night before my eldest son’s 4th birthday, I found myself making rainbow cupcakes with the “help” of an almost-4-year-old, a 22-month-old, and a 5-month-old. I so badly wanted to bail. I prayed a silent prayer that my 4 year old would forget. He didn’t. I...


Finding strength through acceptance

Although my parents brought me into their lives a little earlier than they’d planned, I had a great childhood.  I was the oldest of three siblings, we lived in a nice home, and my parents had a happy marriage.  My mom was able to stay at home with us, and...


Girl, get your roots done

GUEST POST BY AMANDA MCPHERSON When you were growing up, did you know those girls who seemed to have it all figured out? The girls who seemed to always choose healthy relationships, the ones who didn’t seem afraid of anything and seemed to genuinely feel comfortable in their own skin… Well,...