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Best 50 Women’s Empowerment Blogs


Check out this comprehensive collection of blogs that inspire and empower!

1. Embody Love Movement – Embody Love Movement conveys a world where all beings embrace who they are from the inside out. This is a truly beautiful and positive site where the coaches provide skills to put unhealthy relationship with food back in balance.

2. Dishing with your Daughter – Karen’s life work is dedicated to shifting the way the next generation of young girls perceive themselves and experience food. This is an incredibly important mission in today’s world where media influences guide young girls in negative and destruction decisions. If you have a daughter, you should give Karen’s advice a chance.

3. The Flourishing Life – Susan Tolles equips women over the age of 50 with the tools they need to flourish and to create the life they desire.

4. Nourishing Our Radiance – Nourishing Our Radiance has the mission to inspire women to transform their relationships with nourishment through compassionate mind-body awareness, healing foods, and restorative self-care.

5. Dr. Christina Hibbert – The Psychologist, The Mom, & Me is a blog covering a range of topics related to personal growth for women, as well as parenting. Dr. Hibbert is an expert on Parenting, Women’s Emotions, Pregnancy & Postpartum, and Grief & Loss.

6. Bonnie Marcus – Women Success Coaching has been recognized for many years by Forbes magazine as one of the top sites for women and business. The topics covered in this blog relate to career and business development as well as personal growth.

7. Sylvia’s Blog for Women Entrepreneurs – Sylvia Browder uplifts women entrepreneurs through her work and writing. Sylvia’s blog not only covers the necessary business topics of finances, customer service, marketing and PR, but also includes discussions on self-care, spirituality, and beauty.

8. Melissa Ambrosini – Melissa teaches women how to take back control of their life, master their inner Mean Girl, smash through limiting beliefs and karate chop self doubt to live the life of their dreams. In her blog she offers stories and suggestions about how to reclaim your life!

9. Danielle Dowling – Danielle Dowling is a life coach who encourages women to access their power to achieve their personal and professional dreams. She writes motivating and uplifting posts about how to take your vision and put it into action.

10. Gypsy Gals – The GypsyGals, written by Prime and Nina Sarmiento, provide support and advice for solo female travellers, as well as detailed, photo-rich city guides to the best cities for women to travel alone.

11. Seed of Freedom – Tania’s mission is to guide women to lives of freedom, by awakening their true selves, dissolving fear and returning to love. Her blog is up close and personal as she shares the wisdom of her life.

12. Leonie Dawson – Leonie Dawson is a self help author, artist, CEO, and self-descried hippie. Her unique style invites all women to step into their personal and professional power. Her strategic musings and practical wisdom have been featured on Problogger, Tiny Buddha, magazines like Spellcraft, Life Images, Goddess and Spheres, and in three of SARK’s best-selling books on creative fulfillment and freedom.

13. The Wild Sisterhood Magazine – Jen Saunders is a writer, painter, and empowerment artist who is passionate about inspiring women to love themselves, follow their hearts and change the world. Her writing has been featured on popular websites such as Tiny Buddha, Kind Over Matter, Roots Of She, and many more. Her first guest contribution to Tiny Buddha was so popular, her story was also featured in the bestselling Tiny Buddha book.

14. Empowering Girls and Women – Marina DelVecchio is an author and college instructor who is committed to making space for feminist discourse. Her blog covers topics ranging from sex discrimination, women in the workplace, violence against women, and women’s literature. Be sure to check-out her reading list.

15. Girl with Curves – Tanesha Awasthi is a style influencer who wants to inspire the curvy community to be confident in their bodies and to have fun with fashion. Her blog, Girl with Curves, proves that style is about so much more than size.

16. Thais Guimaraes – Long blog posts with inspirational musings and practical advice. Thais support coaches, healers, teachers, trainers and heart-centered women optimize their lifestyle, grow a spiritually badass business, step deeper into faith and lead from authentic feminine power.

17. Christina Morassi – Christina is on a mission to help women entrepreneurs bring together all their gifts to create careers that don’t exist yet, and to find their unique branding and make lots of money!

18. REBEL Dietician – A REBEL Dietitian is defined as one who breaks free from the typical diet plan nutrition counseling and aligns counseling advice with client values and goals. The REBEL Dietitians include Rebecca Bitzer, Kait Fortunato and Dana Magee. They all have unique experiences and specialties to bring to the table to show you what makes Taste the Sweet REBELLION so special and successful.

19. Extraordinary Wellness Coaching – Extraordinary Wellness Shaman, Lauren A. Ebbecke is fiercely committed to empowering mid-career women to exchange drama, trauma, and karma for happiness, peace and confidence.

20. Mara Glatzel – Mara Glatzel is an intuitive coach and writer who wants women to realize and experience the power of self-love, self-care, and self-responsibility. Mara’s blog is a must-read as her gift for writing allows her to artfully describe the challenges and beauty of self-love.

21. Girl Talk HQ – Girl Talk HQ is here on a mission to: inspire, inform, entertain, encourage, motivate and empower millennial women to live their best life through positive media content. Enough of the tabloid gossip we are here to support each other!

22. The Politesse – The Politesse was created with one goal: to provide everyday tools to help young women navigate the real world. Written by “A & A” – two workplace warriors, their blog posts are sassy, real and to-the point. Covering all topics from landing your dream job, fashion at the office to surviving jet lag.

23. Dr. Nancy D. O’Reilly – Dr. O’Reilly’s blog, formerly known as WomenSpeak, serves as a platform of women connecting and sharing their stories of transformation with one another. This website is a connection hub and a source of inspiration, empowering women to change the world.

24. The Womenabler Blog – Womenable focuses on women entrepreneurs and the valuable programs they are bringing into this world. This inspiring blog features different stories sharing how women support one another as they pursue and fulfill their dreams.

25. Sacred Bombshell Lifestyle – Abiola offers her unique flavor of empowerment as she shares her secrets of self love. She is leading the feminine power revolution, redefining the word “bombshell” to mean a woman who loves and accepts herself, without apology.

26. Kimberley Jones – Kimberley is a spiritual mentor helping to awaken women to their power. She also gives great business advice as she is a conscious entrepreneur.

27. She Heros – SheHeroes is about inspiring young women to be tomorrow’s leaders. This blog highlights different women sharing their passions. This is interesting, provocative, and empowering to women of all ages.

28. Girls Globe – This international women’s blog advocates, inspires and raises awareness of issues concerning girls and women around our world. Girls Globe demonstrates what happens when girls and women are empowered and how they change society.

29. Our Bodies Ourselves – Our Bodies, Ourselves is a nonprofit, public interest organization based in Cambridge, Mass, that develops and promotes evidence-based information on girls and women’s reproductive health and sexuality. This blog is inspiring and empowers women to become engaged in the political aspects of sustaining good health for themselves and their communities.

30. Girls Can’t What – Girls Can’t What is a blog for coming of age girls, encouraging them to break through gender stereotypes and achieve their dreams.

31. Owning Pink – This blog teaches practical tips aimed at helping you heal and ROCK your health, business, love life, and more.

32. She takes on the world – She Takes on the World provides articles on a variety of subjects related to entrepreneurship, interviews with fabulous women entrepreneurs, business resources, and more.

33. Lissa Rankin – More than a doctor of bodies, but a doctor of souls, Lissa Rankin is fired up and shares her passion with us through her thoughtful, insightful, and inspiring blog.

34. Skylar Liberty Rose – Skylar is an advocate for stripping away layers of conditioning and discovering the uniqueness within. She is inspired by souls with spirit and courageous hearts. It is here on her blog that she shares the treasures that continues to empower her along her journey.

35. The Way of the Happy – Sara’s aim is to inspire and empower women to lead from their deepest wisdom, through reclaiming our connection to embodied feminine cycles, rhythms, and seasons.

36. 8 Women Dream – 8 Women Dream is here to inspire women to go after their dreams and the first step is to share it. Their intention is to help you believe that you can achieve your dreams. They say, “It is our sincerest wish — through the sharing of our personal experiences — that we will inspire you to pursue your big dream.”

37. Body Love Method – Melissa reminds us that we are worthy now and the importance of letting go of the limiting beliefs so that each person can step into the true version of themselves.

39. Wondrous Women – Wondrous Women is all about the beauty of being a woman and all the amazing gifts that come along with this. This blog provides a female network that its participants can rely on for mentoring and motivation to help you shine.

40. The Every Girl – A resource helping shape the creative, career-driven woman to experience her life better lived. The Every Girl is the inspirational blog to help you achieve your dreams, whatever they may be. Whether it’s how to incorporate a little creativity into your day or motivating you to seek out your dream job.

41. Eat the damn cake – Kate started this blog because she was tired of not eating cake! She wanted a platform to talk about eating the damn cake in a less literal sense, too – In the sense of jumping in, enjoying the small things, figuring out how to feel good about regular life. Now, she write about the experience of being a woman in a strange, sometimes hostile, sometimes subtly weird, often mysterious and always fascinating world.

42. Awakening Women – This engaging blog invites us to jump in to the the great love affair with the great mystery. Its stimulating content that asks us to awaken more fully into our lives and healing journeys.

43. For Harriet – For Harriet is an online community for women of African ancestry. They encourage women, through storytelling and journalism, to engage in candid, revelatory dialogue about the beauty and complexity of black womanhood.

44. Pretty and Powerful – A motivational empowerment and lifestyle blog for women leaders, providing informative and inspiring content to uplift women and remind them of their worth and value.

45. Body Karma – Sara’s mission is to guide women to lives of freedom, by awakening their true selves, dissolving fear and returning to love. Her blog is up close and personal as she shares the wisdom of her life.

46. Fearlessly Kind – This is a movement of real girls, redefining what is beautiful, valuable and possible. “It is our mission to inspire each girl to be curious, ask questions, and be authentic, brave and totally fearless when it comes to understanding who she is, pursuing her dreams, blazing a trail and making her spectacular mark on the world.”

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