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Stranded on the way to Disney World: Handling Travel Fails | Reset Retreat

Stranded on the way to Disney World: Handling Travel Fails


Even seasoned travelers make big, costly mistakes. Family travel can teach so many lessons as we model being in the larger world for our kids, but what happens we model bad behavior facing family travel fails? What happens when we freak out? What do we teach our kids when we are stranded on the way to Disney World?

The best beach vacations are not always planned.


Sitting down for lunch at 4 p.m. after a day at the DMV and a 6 a.m. flight still felt perfect. Photo courtesy of Robin Hutson, Luxe Recess.

My niche for Traveling Mom is Mindful Travel. People may wonder what that means. Does it mean that we frequent yoga retreats? No. Does it mean we meditate as a family? No. I don’t think being a mindful parent means that we spend our days as calm as the Dali Lama.

Last time I checked, the Dali Lama didn’t have kids.

Mindful parenting is certainly not something I am qualified to explain quickly and easily, but in the middle of our family’s chaotic moments, my husband and I strive to reach a present state free from the injury of our past and fear of the future. That means we try, but we don’t, of course, always get there.

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