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Life lessons from a father to a son | Reset Retreat

Life lessons from a father to a son

Have you ever met someone that totally inspired you? That you knew would change the world? I met Paul a couple of years ago, and knew in an instant that he was a changemaker. You can just tell by the way he interacts with people, and the way he sees the world.

I’ve been following Paul’s journey and continue to be inspired by the way he experiences and shares his life. Amidst all of the epic adventures, great parties, and one of a kind trips, what has been the most touching is how he shares his world with his son.

Here are a few of the life lessons that I think we could all learn something from



applesRiley sees a girl and says she’s beautiful. I point to another and he says “no way”.

I then take these two apples and ask which one is more beautiful. He points. This one is bright and smooth and the other one has brown spots on the outside.

Then I cut into both and the one he chose has far more brown spots on the inside. “Now which one is more beautiful?” I asked.

He points to other waiting for my approval.

“The answer, Riley, is that both are equally beautiful. When you appreciate everything, you will find beauty surrounds you. And if you live without judgement, beauty will embrace you wherever you go. Be grateful for everyone and everything.”

He smiled. Love this kid.




I took Riley to his Valentines Day dance Friday. He had a date to the dance and asked her to be his girlfriend. She said she couldn’t because they would be going to different high schools next year.

At a nearby restaurant I showed him these two knives representing the intersecting paths of his life and the girl he was interested in.

I explained that she was on her own wonderful path in life, different from his own. I explained that her decision had no bearing on his strength or self-worth.

And then I explained that instead of allowing sadness to creep in, he could feel grateful that he intersected with a person worthy of his interest and that her decision allowed him to continue his magical path as an amazing son, friend and light in this world.

And then we played Call of Duty until sunrise.


jacketRiley asks me if he can have a new jacket for his 14th birthday.

“Open your closet”, I say. “See all of those jackets?”

He nods.

“Not everyone can have a new jacket. Some people have no jackets. See this number?” I showed him the temperature on my phone. 37 degrees. He understood.

“Grab two, Riley.” He did.

Twenty minutes later, we found someone who needed them and Riley gave them his jackets. He returned to the car in tears. And a new jacket is on the way.


With people like Paul in the world creating incredible human beings like Riley, I have a lot of hope for the future! If we are all open to the life lessons occurring around us, and allow ourselves to constantly be learning and growing, the world will be be a better place.

What kind of life lessons have you shared with your family? Join the converstion on Facebook or send us an email!

paul-rileyAbout Paul

Paul is an entrepreneur, internet marketing executive, investor, novelist, and incredible father. He always pushes those around him to be better, to show them what they can achieve, to take the hill because it’s there and to operate as if the only weapon he possesses is a whiteboard. He is a David looking for Goliaths.


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