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The gift of happiness | Reset Retreat

The gift of happiness

When we started Reset Retreat, our goal was to change lives. To make a difference. We are continuously researching different methods of life coaching, physical wellness, and personal growth, to uncover the powerful, life-changing combinations we can provide. The experience we can create for our guests that flicks that inspiration switch in their hearts, and keeps it burning long after they leave us.

One of the most important factors to creating long-lasting change that we’ve seen is having a network of people around you that love you and support your wish to be the best version of yourself. Family and friends that want it for you as much as you want it for yourself!


Hearing stories from guests like Marcy warms our hearts:

Being a mom has been the most rewarding part of my life. It’s the reason I am here on this planet, I firmly believe it. I love being always available to my kids. I have always felt truly blessed that I have the financial resources that have allowed me to choose to not work outside the home while the kids were young. While I have often felt the emotional tug toward re-engaging with a career, I’ve chosen (for now) to keep my flexibility to be able to give my family 100% of my time and support.

My wonderful husband and kids tell me all the time, in words and in deeds, that they love me and they appreciate my ‘mom-ness’. I don’t expect a lot of praise or constant thank you’s – that’s not really what us moms are doing it for, is it? But let’s be real, it is awesome when we get extra recognition that shows us the family sees all we do and appreciates it.

How wonderful it was, when, a year ago today when my husband told me, for Mother’s Day this year, we want you to do something completely for you.” He was going to send me off to have fun, meet new friends and rediscover myself in paradise – in other words, RESET RETREAT!!!


A few months later, I was on a boat riding across the crystal clear water of Belize. When I arrived at our private retreat, I met 20 strangers who quickly became good life-long friends. We all shared deeply, cried together and laughed long and hard. Every moment at Reset Retreat was completely about ME – my wants and needs. But the best part was knowing that this was a gift from my husband and kids – a most truly special way for them to say “Thank you and just go take care of YOU for five days”.

Reset Retreat was one of the best vacations of my life… My husband gave me the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ever, and my fellow Reset Retreater’s gave me the most precious gift of their vulnerability, friendship and connection. I hope many more moms are lucky enough to have this experience too!

See what other guests had to say about their Reset Retreat experience:

We can’t help but share Marcy’s excitement. Not only does she have an incredibly supportive family that sent her on this journey to Reset Retreat, and welcomed her home with love, she now has a network of women to support her as her journey continues. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for you, Marcy!


Find out more about why your happiness is the best gift you can receive this Mother’s Day, and learn about our Happiness Fund.

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