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What happens in Belize… | Reset Retreat

What happens in Belize…


You know how the saying goes…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Or, in the case of Reset Retreat, what happens in Belize stays in Belize.

Well, I don’t think that should necessarily be the case.

Wait! Before you accuse me of being a loose­lipped blabbermouth, let me explain… Some really amazing things happened in Belize.­ I mean, some really wild, out of the norm, crazy things! And honestly, I kind of want to shout about it from the rooftops.


Here are just a few things that happened in Belize…

● Fifteen women from all over the country (and Canada!) flew hundreds of miles to a remote location in an act of brave and bold self­care

● In the course of five short days, fifteen complete strangers loved and laughed and grew with each other and left with new friendships that will last a lifetime

● Fifteen beautiful, powerful, successful women opened up about their insecurities and fears and allowed themselves to not “have it all together”

● Smiles, laughs and tears flowed as fifteen women allowed themselves to speak out loud about their most heartfelt dreams, hopes and desires for their lives


● Fifteen women with entirely different journeys and backgrounds found the beautiful common ground of “I get it. I struggle too. You are enough. I accept you just as you are.”

So, perhaps you can see why I don’t want what happened in Belize to stay in Belize.

In fact, I want what happened in Belize to happen everywhere, every day!

belize-218.1 I want women to show up as their imperfectly perfect selves each and every day

● I want women to stop worrying so much about the size of their thighs or their relationship status so that they can laugh and love with reckless abandon

● I want women to fight the comparison game and encourage each other to shine

● I want women to embrace their amazing feminine energy and harness that power to create lives that they love!

Many people have asked me about what happened in Belize. So, what did really happen?

Fifteen amazing women allowed themselves the time and the space to get in touch with their truth.­ The strongest version of themselves. And oh my goodness, the view was spectacular.

I’m sorry if you missed it (and highly encourage you to join us in November if you did). But remember, we have the power to create what happened in Belize each and every day.

Your strongest self is always with you. Give her a chance to be your guide and buckle in for the adventure of a lifetime.

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imgauthorsinglepost-amandaAmanda McPherson

Amanda is a trained Life Coach and holds a Masters Degree in Counseling. As a recovering risk avoiding scaredy-cat, she is passionate about empowering women to live and love boldly. Amanda will be joining Reset Retreat in Belize as life coach in February 2016. To learn more about Amanda, visit her life coaching website, her amazing blog, or catch up with her on Facebook.


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