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What NOT to do this holiday season | Reset Retreat

What NOT to do this holiday season

The holidays can be an emotional blip on my radar and I always like to remind myself of the lessons I’ve learned. Maybe you can relate, or at the very least avoid a disaster and instead relax and enjoy yourself!


Contact your ex. Nothing compliments a peppermint martini hangover like text regret. Block his number and move on. You deserve it.

Compare yourself. To anyone! Especially your super perfect cousin Meredith with her seemingly perfect life. Instead, give yourself a high five for being awesome and smile at Meredith. You’ll both feel better.

Overindulge. In food, alcohol or sex. Not only is this physically detrimental, but it leads to emotional overindulgence as well… and you have better things to do than cry at your company holiday party. Remember the “everything in moderation” mantra and get through the holidays guilt-free.

Dig up the past. Yes. The ghosts of Christmas past are swirling around and you’re lonely and need an outlet. Yelling at Uncle Larry for ruining your 6th birthday won’t bring back your My Little Ponies and talking about how fat your high school best friend is won’t make Robby M. ask you to prom. Focus on the present and make plans for the future. Take ownership of your happiness.

Be a social media sicko. Stop snap-chatting: The moment is better without a phone in your face, I promise. Facebooking: That picture is photoshopped and they had a meltdown the day before. Twittering: If you have something witty to say, say it to your friends and family. Have a real conversation. If you can’t, it’s probably not that witty. Life is happening NOW. Moments are precious and few, cherish them.

Beat yourself up. Take personal stock of your life, but focus on the positive. Yes, we’re all trying to improve; and yes, we ALL make mistakes. However, berating ourselves doesn’t move the needle. Become your own biggest fan. Get a #1 foam finger if you have to!

Complain… Because what’s the point!? You don’t like it; change it!  

Be selfish. With your time. I can make a case that you should be, but really, a two minute phone call can make someone’s day. Who is asking for your time this holiday season? Think about what improvements you can make and how will they make you feel. When you commit to focusing positive energy on yourself, you naturally radiate. See what changes your positive energy can make!

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Cofounder of Reset Retreat, Natalie lives her life outside of the box. Her aim is to have and create amazing experiences. A former slave to corporate mentality, social and geographic restrictions, she has restructured her life to maximize her personal experience.

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