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Find your smile

Happiness. What we use to define happiness is relative, fluid and ever changing. In fact, it is so difficult to understand what truly makes people happy – meaning their stated reality and your perception of their reality – that an entire book (many I’m sure!) was written on this topic.

So I polled some wonderful women and asked what makes them happy or what they are thankful for. I noticed a few trends in reading their responses: family was mentioned most often, lots of exclamation marks were used, and they just couldn’t pick one singular thing to be thankful for! How wonderful! Often when we take a moment to reflect on our lives, we are pleasantly surprised by just how fortunate we are. The simple act of focusing on the positive can vastly improve your day and serve as a gentle reminder to put your best foot forward and have light in your heart.

The responses made me tear up, sigh with delight and snort laugh… So I had to share. Please enjoy and think about what you are happy and thankful for. If you’d like to share, come join the conversation on Facebook!


What makes you happy? What are you thankful for?

“My amazing friends and family who support me in everything I do, for the opportunity to travel the world, experience new things and the courage to never settle. But most importantly for being alive and seizing every day! Life’s about the  moments that take your breath away and for that I’m forever thankful.”
Krista G. – Guest Blogger – The Unplug Yourself Challenge

“I’m happiest when I’m helping other people. Oh, and food in general! Oreos, mac and cheese, and my momma’s homemade anything.”
Melissa S. – Guest Blogger – Break Up / Wake Up

“Hearing, seeing or making other people laugh hysterically… Especially when they snort laugh!”
Susan D.

“Family. When anything else in my life has failed me, my family has always been my saving grace.”
Kelli W. – Guest Blogger – Be-YOU-tifully Authentic

“The ability to make others smile!”
Joy S. – Guest Blogger – Life: 50 Years of Trial and Error

“Cartwheels for sure. And my cat. And the sun on a perfect blue sky. Lots and lots! Thanks for takin me down “happy” lane!”
Cierra SK. – Founder

“Sweet baby snuggles and kisses, big boy snuggles and kisses. When my son is sweet to my daughter.”
Laci C. – Guest Blogger – Frumpcakes and a Punch in the Perspective

smiles5“When I am with my nephews. They remind me to stay playful and how the simplest pleasures in life can bring the most joy. They bring so much love and light into my life. Some of the greatest lessons I have learned have come from children…to be kind, to be curious, to be imaginative, to have fun, to dream big and not take life so seriously. Nothing makes me happier than to be their Aunt Lu.”
Lindsey P.

“A crisp breeze in the night air, candles burning and relaxing at the end of the day with my bullies.”
Denise H. – Retreat Guest

“Toss up: What makes me smile–listening to the incoherent babble of my son as he’s looking in my eyes and fervently trying to explain something to me sweetly. What makes me happy–purchasing flowers for the house on a whim!”
Katie W. – Guest Blogger – Scarlet Letter D… for Determined

reset_retreat_158“My first thought was warm sun on my face.”
Sara L.

“I am thankful for a God that creates beauty in all things big and small. I am thankful for Reset Retreat that helped me slow down enough to recognize that beauty :)”
Lindsey C. – Retreat Guest

“I am thankful for all of our Texas friends who have adopted us into their families and made Houston feel like home to us!”
Lisa R.

“I am grateful for a warm and loving family to spend the holidays with. Two of my closest friends lost their mothers this year and my amazing family has invited them to spend the holidays with us. I am blessed to come from a family who is willing to open their hearts and homes to people who are not as fortunate.”
Stacy D. – Retreat Guest

“Thankful for the ability to eat a ton of food and have a roof over my head. Apple pie makes me happy!!!”
Leigh R.

“My dogs’ wiggle butts and snuggly tendencies.”
Jamie L.

“I’m happy when I’m in the country with fresh air and the sound of the wind rustling the leaves becomes magnified.”
Lindsay S. – Retreat Guest

“When I feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face, I can’t help but smile.”
Crystal V. Founder

“When someone goes out of their way to help a stranger, and beautiful outdoor scenery.”
Amanda S.

katebradleyAnd our MOST thankful and thorough responder is… Miss Kate Bradley!

“What makes me smile, it can be a combo of things like a beautiful sunset or how silly happy my dog looks when I drive in the driveway and she runs up and down the fence like a wild child, or an incredibly stupid jokes but the guy am dating tells me.

I am most thankful for my friends who don’t judge me and let me be me. It takes a while to cultivate a strong group of friends who you don’t have to act like somebody else to be around. I am also thankful to live in Texas because it’s a great state and we have a wonderful Thanksgiving weather!

I feel happy when I drink a glass of pink champagne.

Oh my gosh, brand-new calves on the ground they make me smile! I just went past this pasture full of adorable Herford calves and they are so dang cute!”


Don’t limit yourself and find joy in all that you do… Whether it’s cartwheeling, baby snuggles or a breath of fresh air.

Natalie Jenkins

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