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Life Coach for November Retreat | Reset Retreat

Life Coach for November Retreat

Born with a gypsy spirit and an engineer’s mind, she thrives on asking insightful questions, creating systems that work and pioneering win-win solutions. Who is she, you ask???

author-nogieWe are thrilled to announce our life coach, Nogie King, for our November 4th retreat in Belize!

Nogie is a life coach, entrepreneur, author and public speaker who has been designing compelling programs and delivering empowering experiences for over 20 years.

We sat down with Nogie to help you get to know her.

RR: Why Reset Retreat?

NOGIE: First, I love tropical beaches, so that part is a no-brainer. Crystal clear water, gentle breezes and white sand beaches – you get the picture, right? But seriously, the theme of Reset Retreat (resetting patterns) is so perfectly in alignment with my journey that it’s one of those magical things I am lucky to do!

RR: Will you share more about what your life coaching ‘journey’ is all about?

reset_retreat_199NOGIE: My work is all about helping people learn how to see the energy with which they are showing up, how to become aware of who they really are – and to learn how to see patterns that are blocking them from their natural “greatness”.

What makes most people unhappy is living in their old patterns. The good news is that these patterns were literally set in our minds when we were very small, which means they are not even really our own. So it is neurologically possible to actually reset any habit (thought, belief or action).

When we get out of our habitual programming AND practice new ways of thinking with a group of supportive women in an awe-inspiring setting, then magic happens.

And the best part is not even the ah-ha moment. The most powerful aspect is learning the skills to continue the new pattern long after the retreat ends.

RR: You’ve been practicing life coaching for over 20 years – before it was a well known profession. So, how did you get started?

NOGIE: I have always felt it was a perfect combination of circumstances that pulled me to coaching.

I have been a designer/builder my whole life. When I was little I would spend days building whole towns in this fabulous sandbox that my grandfather built for us. I used to sketch floor plans for imaginary houses to get through boring classes in school. I was a practicing landscape architect, connecting people and their desires for spaces, when I happened to discover a wonderful personal growth workshop that was all about how to “read energy”. Since I had already been “reading the energy” of landscapes, and doing a deep practice of Vipasana meditation, this was a perfect fit for me.

I could help people see what they wanted to design for their lives and then provide a practice that gave reliable feedback.


RR: What’s the value of being aware of our energy and what does that even mean?

NOGIE: We all show up in our lives, moment to moment, with a certain vibration of energy. We can all feel it, for instance, when we walk into the middle of an argument or when we interrupt a couple that needs to “get a room”. But it’s also possible to become aware of much more subtle levels of energy. This allows us to observe situations instead of becoming emotionally overwhelmed in them. It is easier to see energy in other people, but the real value is in learning to read the particular frequency in one’s own body.

Our minds will trick us every time. They are meant to be creative story makers. But the sensations in our bodies are an amazing source of reliable information that can connect us to our deepest desires and the lives that we are actually longing for.

We all know the saying, life is a choice. But few realize that choice is a function of awareness. So my coaching practice has always been based on this somatic awareness piece coupled with practical tools for action.

RR: You talk a lot about adventure and exploration, but in relation to inside ourselves. Can you share a bit more about this?

NOGIE: In our western culture, we focus a lot on measurable goals and results. We tend to view success as something outside of ourselves. But like any real explorer knows, the true adventure lies right at our own feet – at every moment of our lives. It is the incredible journey of uncovering who we really are.

Learning to navigate this journey is no less important than if we were taking off into space or across the Mohave Desert. Being prepared, choosing a direction, recognizing signs along the road and knowing when to let go and go with the flow are all important aspects of the process too.


RR: What’s the most important tool/element you bring to someone?

NOGIE: This may not be the flashiest answer, but it is the truth. I believe that “practice” is the most important aspect of navigating this inner adventure. Having something practical (and easy) to “do” with all the insights that we gather along the way, helps us stay in the moment – where life actually happens.

I have a wonderful toolbox that does just that. It combines deep wisdom and awareness with modern scientific knowledge, plus the “how to” aspect of a spiritual being in a physical world. I feel it is so important to be able to answer the question, “OK, what do I DO now?”

This journey of life has a lot of benchmarks, but it ultimately has no destination. That is REALLY hard for most of us to swallow. Yet, there are a lot of learnable skills that make the unfolding itself really fun, enjoyable, expansive and fulfilling all along the way.

RR: Do you feel like you have life “all figured out” for yourself?  

NOGIE: HA! I am a work in progress and quite proud of it!

If you find a coach, teacher or mentor that says they have it “all together” or that they know all the answers or that they have a fail proof system – then run like hell!!

Your life is your path! You are the only one that actually knows how to live it. Humans are social creatures and we are here to share our experiences, but ultimately we have to trust our own trip.

I’ve been at this a long time and have learned an amazing amount of “stuff”, created some wonderful tools/exercises and met some brilliant thinkers, but the awakening experience is far from over and there is always more to explore! I’m certainly looking forward to what’s next and can’t wait to meet the group of women at Reset Retreat who are ready to embark on this adventure together this Nov. 4th.

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nogieAbout Nogie King

Nogie founded Sympatico Coaching in 1996 and is an author and speaker. She is the creator of Camp Camelot – a weekend summer camp getaway for Not-So-Grown-Ups, and managed the popular “Reimagining Ourselves: A Transformational Retreat for Women” at a holistic retreat center. Get to know Nogie on her website and Facebook.



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