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Women We Admire: Even Mommy’s Can be Adventurous

After chatting with ‘Mommy Blogger’ extraordinaire, Deb Lowther, we were reminded that no matter how busy you get or what age you are, it’s never too late to start living life to its fullest.

deb-photos4Deb Lowther is a mother of three, the woman behind Raising Healthy Kids and a writer at YummyMummyClub. She’s always sharing healthy travel tips and recipes, active experiences for families, and fun ways to keep life adventurous.

RR: Tell us about what inspires you.

DEB: My daughters inspire me every day. I want them to see me and their Dad  always trying new things, staying fit and having the most fun being active. Being adventurous and saying – “Yes, why not. I want to try that.” – is a big part of what keeps us motivated.

I have always worked out, ran, belonged to a gym and not been afraid to try new things. My first 21km half marathon was at age 36 with my first born daughter in a jogging stroller. My first 70.3km half ironman triathlon was at age 45. I tried wind surfing for the first time last summer, and at age 47 I am now working on (and can do!) a handstand.

RR: Being a mom of 3 girls, do you ever get to travel solo? If so, what is the benefit of traveling solo for you?

DEB: Solo travel – without even my husband – usually only occurs when I go on a work-related blogging conference or am joining my running friends on a girls trip to a tropical destination for a half marathon.

Getting away is pivotal for a reset for the mind, body and soul. Solo travel allows you to focus on you and really appreciate what is around you and the experiences you are having.

RR: What’s a must-have healthy snack you bring on any trip for yourself to enjoy? Give us the goods!

DEB: I ALWAYS pack healthy snacks when I travel. Long airplane rides can get boring and call for snacking, and if I’m not carrying something healthy, I will buy bags of chips! To avoid this, I pack roasted chickpeas, almonds, air popped popcorn and chocolate chips (everyone needs a little hit of chocolate).

For longer trips or meals on the go, I pack protein powder that can be added to milk or water. For local conferences where a hotel stay is required, I bring my own hard boiled eggs, bananas, homemade muffins, granola and lemon protein bars (see recipe), and yogurt. I recently discovered these no-bake, nut free Chocolate Power Balls (see recipe) made with dates and oatmeal that are perfect sweet treats. They travel super well, and did I mention the chocolate?!


RR: You spend a lot of time being active with your kiddos. What is a fun, active adventure you took together?

DEB: Fun, active adventure is our middle name in this family. From a walk to school to a trip to Disney, we make everything an adventure.  

Our usual Mother’s Day bike ride along the lake for ice cream recently turned into an adventure bike riding in the rain. We got caught 8km from our car with onlyour bicycles to get us back. It was fun at first. Then the cold and wet sunk in, but the kids will never forget that Mother’s Day.

Our favorite family adventure has to be our 6,000km roadtrip to discover the East Coast of Canada. The kids saw five Provinces in 14 days, and every single bit of it was an adventure in camping, fishing, hiking, climbing and whale watching.

RR: What about a fun, active adventure sans the little ones?

DEB: My husband and I ditched the idea of a tropical honeymoon 15 years ago and instead spent 10 days trekking to Mt. Everest’s Base Camp and sleeping in tents with no running water . It was the most amazing trip ever. Twelve years later, we climbed and stood on the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. Next year we hope to take our kids to hike Machu Picchu in Peru.

There’s a lot of self reflection when you are standing on top of a mountain above the clouds. Being active has its rewards, and discovering parts of the world like this is one of them.


RR: What does it mean to you to make time for yourself?

DEB: When my children were very young I was often criticized for NOT getting my nails or hair done. For not going to the spa or getting massages. For not taking time for myself. But that was not my idea of taking time for myself.

Going to the gym, to a yoga class, or out for a run 3 times a week is how I like to take time for myself. When babies were crying or work got stressful, being outdoors helped clear my head.

Being reflective in a yoga class or being around a group of like-minded women can really change your perspective and give you the clarity that gets lost in our everyday, busy lives.

It’s important to find what ‘taking time out for yourself means’ to you, because it’s not the same for everyone.

RR: Best girlfriend trip (or solo trip) you’ve taken or want to take? Ready, set, go.

DEB: Running in Barbados at 6 AM along the water with 15 friends in a half marathon or picking up sea glass from the Vancouver coast line to bring back to the kids or figuring out the subway system in a new city are all meaningful in my life.  As long as adventure is part of the package I will sign up for any type or travel.

I hope to never stop exploring, growing and learning.


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author-debAbout Deb Lowther

Deb is a mother of three tween daughters. When not running after the kids, she is running on the trails. She contributes family health articles to many websites and magazines and ensures her own family has fun while eating healthy and staying active. Find more inspiring tips from Deb at Raising Healthy Kids, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and her new column Family on the Run on Erica Ehm’s YummyMummyClub.



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