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Women We Admire: Q&A with Rachel Frey from InYo | Reset Retreat

Women We Admire: Q&A with Rachel Frey from InYo

At Reset Retreat, we have a lot of respect and admiration for women who break boundaries, take risks, and make their goals a priority. It takes a lot of initiative to start your own business. We love that the community of entrepreneurial women is growing so quickly and we at Reset Retreat are proud to be part of that group.

349_INYO_productWe had the opportunity to interview the inspiring Rachel Frey, founder of InYo Wear, a company that creates unique and booty loving yoga pants that are 100% USA made and eco conscious.

Here’s what Rachel had to say:

RR: We have a lot of respect for women who go after their dreams. Tell us about your driving force behind InYo.

Rachel: InYo was actually created from my determination to do yoga teacher training with Stephanie Snyder. I didn’t have the savings to pay for the training, but I wanted to study with Stephanie and knew I just had to make it happen. So I explored Kickstarter and was inspired by all of the makers and artists who were able to raise thousands of dollars through their craft. I grew up sewing so I thought about sewing yoga shorts and leggings for friends to help fund my training, then realized I could actually turn my idea into a real company. That’s when I decided to go on Kickstarter to launch InYo – the campaign was successful enough to build InYo and fund my training!

RR: Starting a new business is not easy stuff. Was there a hurdle that almost stopped you in your tracks?

Rachel: Production is a huge challenge. A friend who launched his own clothing brand had warned me: “No matter how well you think you have everything covered, things will go wrong that you never could have imagined.” It’s just the nature of the production process. During my Kickstarter fulfillment, I received a bad batch of fabric – almost 1,000 yards. Mid-production I literally had to start over and find all new fabric. The silver lining was finding a fabric supplier that knits their fabrics in-house in LA instead of importing from overseas. So I know I can count on them to provide consistent quality.

030_INYO_productRR: How did you push through to the other side?

Rachel: Delivering a quality product to my backers was the only thing that mattered to me. In my mind, I had made a promise and I had to keep it. I knew it could be done so I just kept at it, talking to any fabric supplier I could find (even lululemon’s!) It definitely felt like a “test” from the Universe, and I think once I proved I was committed, the solution found me.

RR: What were you doing before you started InYo?

Rachel: I was working as a pattern maker and grader, helping clothing designers scale their sizes and get their patterns ready for production. I studied engineering for my undergrad and pattern making was the perfect fit to combine my “left-brain” with my interest in fashion. Because of my background, I was able to really focus on how the leggings fit – sewing sample after sample until they were just right.

RR: Your brand is all about being bold and living your radiant self. Tell us more about the power of living your radiant self and what this means to you.

Rachel: In my early 20s, I spent a lot of time asking myself “who am I, who am I, who am I…” It’s an impossible question to answer because there are no words. It’s a feeling, a deep down feeling, where you know that you are perfect as you are, you are whole. It’s a feeling I had never experienced until I started yoga and meditation. Living your radiant self is connecting to that feeling of wholeness and sharing your beautiful being with the world. Each of us has something truly spectacular to share and shielding it or playing it down deprives the rest of us from the opportunity to experience your gift.  That feeling of radiance may come and go – it may be fleeting. But it’s there and you can make it stay by simply recognizing that it’s always there for you to come back to.

008_INYO_productRR: What accomplishment are you really proud of?

Rachel: That I fell in love with life. There can be so much uncertainty, and doubt, and sometimes life just feels HARD. I’m really proud that I decided to choose to love life. It’s a natural feeling for some, and more difficult for others. That’s where my inspiration comes from now – to help others find joy and play in the little moments throughout the day. One of my customers told me Everything is just more fun when I’m wearing polka dots.” Hearing that was the most affirming moment for InYo.

RR: InYo has so many fun designs, but if you had to label ONE as your current favorite, what is it?

Rachel: It literally changes every day! But I have been wearing my polkas often lately…

RR: Anything else you’d like to share?

Rachel: One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that you don’t need to know. You don’t need to know how something will get done, you don’t need to know where something is going, or even why it’s happening at all. Just keep putting yourself out there and keep going, keep evolving. When you give up control over making things happen, and instead have space to let them happen, it all comes together into an even greater version of what you imagined. This does not mean being passive or inactive – you still do your work, but you leave space for magic.

We chose to feature Rachel because we were so impressed by her energy, integrity, and hard work. Crystal Veness, one of our founders was a backer for the InYo Wear Kickstarter campagin and was able to watch how Rachel managed the production setbacks, displayed exceptional customer service and commnunication, and worked diligenty to deliver an amazing product. Crystal loves her watercolor InYos. Check out InYo Wear and don’t forget to use offer code Reset15 for 15% off your order.

Do you have a woman you admire? Share their story with us via Facebook or e-mail and we may feature them on our blog!

author-rachelRachel Frey, InYo Wear

Rachel is a materials scientist-yogini-patternmaker turned girl boss. Now living in San Francisco, Rachel is on a mission to add more fun and smiles to your day. Follow Rachel and InYo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



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