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Moving from overwhelm to calm and clarity | Reset Retreat

Moving from overwhelm to calm and clarity


As women, we often wake up and begin our day by thinking of or taking care of others along with all of the other tasks we need to check off our lists. Whether it is for a partner, child, friend, parent, pet, work or chore, our focus is often on someone or something outside of ourself.

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you feel anxious, exhausted or overwhelmed?

In these situations, we often seek out unhealthy ways to manage the stress. What is the real issue? The real issue is we have lost our connection to ourselves and our natural feeling state of Joy and Happiness. We love doing for others, but often lose ourself in the process.

How do we get back in touch with our inner wisdom or higher self and reconnect in a healthy way to stay out of overwhelm and negative feeling states?

The Law of Attraction process, “The Three Questions” is my go to process to find clarity in the moment and pop me right back into a better feeling state. It is an excellent way to shift a bad feeling state to a positive one and find clarity around what you want rather than what you don’t.

Here is how to use the process:

Ask yourself

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • How do I want to feel?

Put most of your attention on the feeling state you want to have. It’s never really about what you want, but the feeling you are going to have when you have what you want. What would you call that feeling state? That one feeling word could be calm or relieved. It is important to pick the thought or word that first comes to mind that feels right.

You can use this process for upsetting situations, but also apply it to something as simple as feeling frustrated in bad traffic. Here’s an example of how I have used the Law of Attraction process in a bad traffic situation:

traffic-671399_1280I’m in traffic bumper to bumper and feeling anxious and frustrated. I feel my blood pressure rising. I then identify how bad I feel and make a decision for change. I then use “The Three Questions” to shift my feeling state.

  • What do I want? “I want the traffic to move quicker and easier.”
  • Why do I want it? “I want to get home faster”
  • How do I want to feel? “I want to feel calm and at ease.”

As soon as I identified the feeling state I wanted, my energy shifted for the better. Did the traffic move faster? I’m not sure, but it felt like it did. And if it didn’t? I felt a lot happier and no longer in the overwhelm state.

Give it a try and live a happier life. May you have peace, joy and clarity today and everyday!


author-edieEdie Vitemb- Ochoa

Edie is a certified Quantum Success life coach specializing in ADHD strategies and Law of Attraction processes. She works with adults, adolescents, relationships, parenting, and support in schools. Learn more about Edie’s work on her website.



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