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Feeling beautiful inside and out | Reset Retreat

Feeling beautiful inside and out

pic 4Brittany’s Thoughts on Beauty

Beauty to me is such a hard word to describe. So many people view beauty as looks alone. They describe celebrities wearing different fashions, a blossoming flower or even the latest designer handbag as beautiful. In our society we are prone to view everyone based on how they look first. Within the first few seconds, we’ve already decided if we think they are beautiful. This portrayal of outer beauty is also broadcasted to us throughout social media every day.

As a fashion blogger at BNB Styling, looks and trends are something that I frequently write about. We can get so consumed on grabbing the latest handbag or taking the perfectly staged photo that we forget what true beauty really is. Of course I like to keep up with trends and I love fashion, but being true to myself and having character is when my true beauty radiates.

A Q&A on Beauty with Brittany Boone:

RR: When you’re having one of those days where you feel horrible and ugly, and like you don’t want the world to see you, how do you get back to that space where you feel beautiful?

Brittany: I take a deep breath and just reflect on what I do have. I really try to reset my thinking by recognizing my good qualities and then try to start over. I manage to smile because that will be the first thing that makes me instantly feel beautiful again.

RR: Many women struggle with insecurity over how others perceive them. How do you get past that and reset your thinking?

pic 2Brittany: I have grown over the years to just be myself and try not to fit into the portrayal of the “perfect” woman. Dress the way you want to dress and look the way you want to look. Being confident from within makes the world of a difference for me.

RR: What has helped you focus on feeling confident in your own skin?

Brittany: In middle school I was always self conscious about my looks. I sometimes felt ugly and struggled with acne. This lasted for a while, and I even still break out occasionally. For the most part, my self confidence came from surrounding myself with people who boosted my spirits. As my experiences have expanded, I have become more at peace with myself.

RR: Who are the 3 most beautiful people you know and why?

Brittany: My mother because she always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude for every situation in life. I feel like she is a walking angel whose love for others radiantly shines throughout and she shares that beauty with others. Kate Middleton because she is a classic beauty in a modern society. She does not follow all the trends and doesn’t overdo it with makeup and loud outfits. Miranda Lambert because her personality beams in everything she does. She is not a victim of changing the way she acts, dresses and feels just because she is in Hollywood. She is true to herself and her songs reflect that.

6 Tips for Feeling Beautiful and Centered:

  • At the end of the day, take a warm bubble bath and allow yourself to relax. Add some scented candles and soothing music, and think of everything you have accomplished.
  • Put on lavender scented lotion before heading to sleep for a more rested night.
  • Indulge in getting a massage, facial or manicure and pedicure. It is the perfect way to relax and treat yourself. It’s okay to make yourself a priority!
  • Have an uplifting and inspirational book on hand to remind yourself of the little things in life.
  • When you think you have nothing to wear, mix and match pieces you would never wear together for a fun, bold and unexpected new look.
  • Always wake up with a smile and be ready to bring on the day. Your smile will help you and everyone around you feel beautiful!

author-brittanyBrittany Boone

Brittany Boone is a 20-something Texas girl who enjoys all things “styling”. She enjoys fashion, social events and planning in general. Brittany’s blog BNB Styling is about fashion, outfit inspirations and all things styling. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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