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Custom Retreat Services by Reset Retreat | Reset Retreat


Reset Retreat is an exclusive retreat services provider that creates and implements custom one-of-a-kind experiences for your group. We specialize in custom retreats focused on team-building, personal growth and wellness, and adventure experiences tailored for your group.


Take a deep breath and exhale into a calm, content, present space. Compliment morning yoga sessions with life coaching to find your balance.


What better way to break personal boundaries than with a huge spike of adrenaline?! Perfectly designed to challenge, foster connection and bring happiness to your group.


The only limitation is your imagination! We can create individually curated experiences to align with your intentions or even match a lifestyle theme. 

Your Reset Retreat guides

Meet the team at Reset Retreat! We’re here to guide you on a memorable and fully custom experience. You could plan a trip on your own, but here’s why you should let us handle it instead.

Our expert staff provides:

Invaluable travel industry knowledge to provide the best experience and value

Competent staff to quickly and effectively solve problems

Personable travel companions to make you feel safe and secure

Efficient team to solidify and approve your schedule and arrangements

Creative company to layer your trip with exclusive experiences

Anyone can take a trip… But we want you to have an experience that changes your life. Remove the stress of coordinating and planning a journey from your task list and trust us to be the adventure builders, smile finders and experience makers you’ve been waiting for.

We’d love to hear from you!

Let’s talk about the one-of-a-kind experience we can create for your group. We’re excited to work with you to plan your event or retreat.

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