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About Reset Retreat

Reset Retreat is an exclusive women’s wellness and adventure retreat that combines personal growth with incredible experiences. It is a place where you can come to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. Release yourself from bad habits, toxic relationships, needy friends, family and unappreciative coworkers. Commit to giving yourself the time and space to heal, reset and grow in a luxurious setting.

“5 Mental Health To-Dos” for 2018

Now that we’re well into 2018 and all of those lofty goals and resolutions are starting to drift away (hey, we get it), it’s a great time to reevaluate your health and wellness. This looks different for everyone, but some consistent goals we hear at Reset Retreat are about finding...


Nicaragua Retreat: Q&A with Gigi Mao

Reset Retreat, in partnership with Traverse Journeys, has something special in store for you this November 5-10th. Enjoy six days of sun, surf and serenity with Austin-based yoga instructor Gigi Mao. Gigi Mao has been a devoted practitioner of yoga for more than a decade and teaches alignment-based flow. Her classes are...


Do your thoughts need supervision?

GUEST POST BY SUZY ROSENSTEIN What would you think if I told you that your thoughts needed supervision? That, when left on their own, they don’t always steer you in the right direction? I was taken aback when I first heard about this concept in Thomas M. Sterner’s book, The...


My greatest yoga teacher: Cancer.

  GUEST POST BY BETHANY WEBB What kind of qualities do you imagine when you think of the BEST yoga teacher? Someone who embodies compassion, awareness, and presence? Someone who challenges your mind and body to bend and move in new and creative ways? Someone who teaches the art of...


Q&A with Bethany Webb, Reset Retreat Texas yoga coach

We are happy to introduce Bethany Webb, our yoga coach! We heard about Bethany through a very trusted friend who couldn’t say enough wonderful things. We knew we had to meet this woman, and couldn’t think of someone else who aligns so closely with our message. Q&A with Bethany Webb RR:...


5 ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle

GUEST POST BY WHITNEY ROSS People ask me all the time… “What am I doing wrong?” “If you had one piece of advice, what would it be?” Ta-da! Enter the inspiration for this blog post. Too often, we get caught up in the minute details of the whole health world....


Q&A with Jenny Remington, Reset Retreat Texas life coach

We are excited to introduce Jenny Remington, the wonderful life coach who will be joining us at Reset Retreat in Texas. When we met Jenny, we found ourselves drawn to her calm, caring demeanor. We knew that she would be the perfect guide on our journey to ourselves. Q&A with Jenny Remington:...


Finding my tribe

GUEST POST BY JENNY REMINGTON – LIFE COACH FOR RESET RETREAT TEXAS A few years ago, I had a problem: I had lost touch with friends, wasn’t taking care of my body, and my kids were at a really needy stage. So, I called a friend and asked the obvious question: “do you...


Are you on automatic “sorry” mode?

GUEST POST BY MEREDITH WOOLLEY Do you find yourself saying ‘sorry’ often? As a Therapist who specializes in Women’s Counselling, I hear a lot of women apologizing for their feelings, thoughts and goals in session as well as in every day life. Is this surprising and can you relate? It is...


5 tips for surviving a painful break-up

GUEST POST BY AMANDA MCPHERSON – LIFE COACH FOR RESET RETREAT BELIZE As a life coach who specializes in working with women, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the most interesting, brilliant, thoughtful and downright bad*ss women out there. I have also seen these same women feel completely and utterly...