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About Natalie Jenkins

Cofounder of Reset Retreat, Natalie lives her life outside of the box. Her aim is to have and create amazing experiences. A former slave to corporate mentality, social and geographic restrictions, she has restructured her life to maximize her personal experience.

Find your smile

Happiness. What we use to define happiness is relative, fluid and ever changing. In fact, it is so difficult to understand what truly makes people happy – meaning their stated reality and your perception of their reality – that an entire book (many I’m sure!) was written on this topic. So...


The power of vulnerability

Vulnerability is _________? Did you fill in the blank with a positive or negative word? Statistically most of you chose a negative word. Why? Why is being vulnerable considered negative? A weakness to be shamed and feared? If you’re like me, even mentioning the word makes you shudder and scowl....


You are worth loving

You are good enough. You are worth loving. It’s been about four years since I heard those words in the safety and seclusion of my therapist’s office. Simple statements, but enough to unleash the newest wave of tears. I cried because I wasn’t sure I believed it. I cried because if I could, my...