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About Cierra Savatgy-King

Cierra has been living on vacation rentals to reset her own path for more than two years. She's cofounder of Reset Retreat, a recording artist, a crazy cat lady, and loves exploring new things and doing handstands along the way.

Reset Retreat: One week to reset your life

  Yoga, life coaching and jungle adventures, oh my! We just finished up a week in Belize for a Reset Retreat in paradise and have landed on a high. There is something about awe-inspiring beauty and the stillness of the ocean that opens the heart and allows us to heal, reset, and...


Letting it go

I recently got burned. I was duped. I felt cheated and let down by someone I trusted. The worst part was that my anger started having a life of it’s own. It was growing larger than life. I genuinely try to be a good person and care for others and...


The power of intention

My entire life I wanted to become a music star. It defined me. It wasn’t just that I wanted to be one, I took the steps to make it happen. I drove myself to take paths to help me reach that dream. I accomplished a lot I was proud of,...


Breaking the “I’m Not Good Enough” story

My childhood couldn’t have been much better. I was a high achiever, had talent, and had supportive and kind friends and family. By college, I had various awards under my name, graduated cum laude, and landed a dream job. But I was never good enough. My “Not Good Enough” story...


Simple reminders to love yourself each day

Do you actively love yourself each day? Remembering to love ourselves is something we frequently forget to do. We get distracted by the day-to-day and it’s easy to put ourselves on the back burner. The Reset Retreat team set out to ask women who we sincerely respect how they actively remember to...