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Why traveling with a loved one is amazing! | Reset Retreat

Why traveling with a loved one is amazing!

We love when our guests make themselves the priority.  Focusing on yourself, breaking personal boundaries and exploring your path are impactful stepping stones to a complete and content life. What if you could share that with someone? How would your journey change for the better? We asked our guests about their experience at Reset Retreat while traveling with their mother, daughter, sister and friend… And we loved their responses.

Why did you choose to come to Reset Retreat with a friend?

JENN: I’ve invested so much in myself over the past few years, but in some ways I still feel that like I need someone push me beyond my “limits”. Stephanie and I have always connected on a totally different level and I was grateful to have her help me get out of my comfort zone and commit to going on an adventure that scared me a little.

momdaughterJOY: I came to Reset Retreat strictly because my daughter, Krista, had a feel for how “enlightening” it would be and she was correct. I had all of the “I can’t because” (fill in the blank…dogs to deal with, need to take off work, funds are tight, etc.) but we planned it and everything just fell into place. I can truly say that this was the MOST amazing trip I’ve ever been on and I’ve traveled a bit. Something about my time in Belize crosses my mind probably every day since I’ve been home!

KRISTA: When I first found out about Reset Retreat and the mission they were trying to accomplish, I knew I had to attend. A whole week dedicated to putting yourself first and resetting your current life…sounds great, sign me up! I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to bring my Mom. She is a completely selfless person and never does anything just for her. She has always put me and my brother first in every way. I felt if she attended this retreat it would not only be a great bonding experience for us, but it would also give her the opportunity to finally put herself first and find that passion in her life she lost long ago. What we got from the Reset Retreat was this and so much more!

LUISA: My friend and I hadn’t seen each other in ages, and the retreat was a great opportunity to have uninterrupted time together to catch up.

JO LYNN: I chose to share Reset Retreat with my sister because I felt she was at a place in her life where she would benefit from the life coaching sessions AND she really needed a break from the everyday routine.

Did you have any concerns beforehand about going through this process with someone you know so well?

 Yes and no. Yes because I’m an only child so I enjoy solitude. I worried that I would want to be alone and wouldn’t be able to do that without offending Stephanie. No because I don’t thrive in scenarios in which I have to be vulnerable. Her presence has always offered me comfort and allowed me to speak freely.

LUISA: I didn’t have any concerns going to the retreat with my friend. We trust each other and supported each other’s goals for the retreat. I loved that our goals were completely different and that both were fulfilled. We’re both independent and wanted each other to participate in the activities that were of most interest to us as individuals, not collectively.


KRISTA: Not at all – my Mom and I are extremely close so I knew this would be a special experience for both of us to attend together. We got to do so many first on this trip – first time traveling out of the country together, paddleboarding and kayaking in the ocean, attending yoga, horseback riding and being truly present in the moment by swinging on hammocks listening to the ocean waves crash the shore!

JO LYNN: I had no concerns beforehand because my sister and I are very close and I knew there wouldn’t be any huge surprises between the two of us. The surprise was how much she got out of the coaching.

reset_retreat_199Was there any experience that you had with your loved one that surprised you?

JOY: As far as any changes to our thoughts, habits, lifestyle – as soon as we settled on the plane ride home we started discussing goals, which led to opening our journals and making notes and setting specific timelines for things we’d like to accomplish and what steps we needed to get there. 

KRISTA: The whole trip was amazing from start to finish. I came into Reset Retreat not knowing what to expect. I guess the thing that surprised me most was how rejuvenating the whole experience was and how we both truly did not want to leave. This is very rare for my mom who never leaves Texas or her dogs! Everyone at the Retreat – from the woman attending, to the staff working at the villa was amazing. We never wanted to leave the slice of paradise that we had found!

What was your favorite thing to see your friend experience on the Retreat?

13010170_10105632799551575_428714241_oJENN: She’s going to hate me for saying this but my favorite thing was seeing her overcome the airline losing her luggage and still being 100% present at the Retreat. Yes…that situation SUCKED. But she handled it with such grace. Love that about her!

LUISA: My favorite thing was seeing her understand that she isn’t alone and seeing her confidence grow.

JOY: My daughter actually came away from the retreat with a new focus on life and immediately pursued life coaching when we returned home. I was very pleased to see what the retreat brought out in her.

KRISTA: My favorite thing from the Retreat was seeing how much my Mom grew and put herself outside of her comfort zone. It was amazing to see my Mom, try new things and just be. The best moment however; was seeing her truly come alive with her passion. She has been a Reiki Master for several years now and seeing her practice her passion on individuals and come alive with such love and joy was truly an amazing memory to cherish.  I’m so proud of my Mom and the woman she is today!

JO LYNN: My favorite thing was that she realized her role in her marriage was going to change drastically and she was okay with that and seemed at peace.


How did your relationship grow from the shared experience?

JENN: We built a deeper relationship. When you’re in a space where communicating is nurtured, it’s inevitable that you will talk about things on a different level.

LUISA: We reconnected during the retreat and haven’t let that go since.

KRISTA: When we got back home – for weeks the Retreat was all me and my mom could talk about. The memories we made, the fun times we had, the relationship we built, the whole thing was amazing. We attended Reset Retreat both not knowing what we wanted out of life but now both of us feel more alive and full of passion. I have a clearer, more direct path to what I want to accomplish in life along with my Mom. Reset Retreat was an incredible, uplifting journey. It was the exact reset I needed in my life and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

So whether you begin this journey with a companion or solo, after the retreat you will leave belonging to a new community of women who are committed to supporting and loving themselves and others.

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