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Women We Admire: Q&A with Thea Wood | Reset Retreat

Women We Admire: Q&A with Thea Wood

At Reset Retreat, we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet many women who are strong, inspiring, and independent. At a recent event for Austin Woman Magazine, we met a woman who made a serious impression- Thea Wood.

theawood2Thea is an image consultant, mother, and entrepreneur who wants to use her talent for style to help women realize their full image potential. We love her!

Here’s what Thea had to say:

RR: What is an image consultant? How did you get into this field?

Thea: An image consultant is a trained professional who specializes in working with clients on personal appearance, behavior and/or communication. Think of it as the visual and interactive portion of your personal brand.

Having worked in the tech and real estate industries, I realized that my career needed to take a turn toward the creative. I wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives doing something that made me happy. With 5+ years of retail in my early career, shopping for others came naturally, but retail didn’t appeal to me. With research, I discovered “image consulting” and was hooked. After training with masters in the field, I started my own business in 2010.

RR: What experience do you hope to create for each of your clients?

Thea: Every client has different goals. My program is designed to help them achieve those goals. The experience includes self-examination and discovery, understanding your lifestyle and how your wardrobe fits into it, and understanding how color and design can impact your own self-perception as well as others’ perception of you. Some clients are hesitant to make major wardrobe changes, but once they start implementing what they’ve learned, amazing transformations can occur. 

RR: What kind of impact do you see in your clients from when you first meet them to after they have gone through your program?

Thea: Clients regularly tell me that trying on clothes while shopping and getting dressed every day no longer causes them to cry. They understand how to put together a look that flatters their body type and build a cohesive wardrobe. When you alleviate stress, save time and money, and feel comfortable in your body and clothing, the world around you feels it and responds positively.

RR: Many women struggle with insecurity over how others perceive them. How do you get past that and reset your thinking?

urlThea: Let’s use fine art as an example. Would we change a Botero sculpture to adorn her in the latest fashion trend? Or tell her she’s not beautiful because she doesn’t reflect the pictures in a fashion magazine? NO! So why would we torture ourselves with trying to be something or someone we’re not? Signature Styling isn’t about being perfect, it’s about sending a message of who you are and where you’re going. Once women wear clothing that reflects their personality and focuses on their physical assets, the insecurities fade.

RR: Did you ever struggle with issues of self-confidence?

Thea: You bet! That is what started this amazing journey of image consulting. After I gave birth to my son, I spent almost two years looking and feeling like a mess. Weight gain, changed body chemistry, the stress of adjusting to motherhood… I wore maternity clothes for six months after giving birth! It’s challenging to find pictures of me in this period because I was constantly in hiding. My desire to get out of this rut became a very long version of the Signature Style program I offer clients today.

RR: When you’re having a bad day where you just want to hide from the world, how do you get back to a space where you feel beautiful?

Thea: I get this feeling when I’m overwhelmed and need to hit the reset button. For an immediate solution, I give myself permission to be pampered. Pampering could be as simple as a 60-minute power nap or 15-minute meditation period or playing 9 holes of golf. It can also be a facial, a manicure, a massage or a long aromatic bath. I try to find activities that help relax me and allow me to clear my head. If only I could visit a Reset Retreat every day!

RR: If someone looks fabulous on the outside but is not feeling that way on the inside, what advice could you offer them to help them feel fabulous as well?

Thea: Dressing with intention helps you feel better because you get positive reactions from your environment. But “good armor” only goes so far when facing a situation or person that you can’t handle because you’re not at peace with yourself. By finding the right people and resources (like you’ll find at Reset Retreat!), you begin to focus on your strengths and values. Once those are in line with your personal image, you will be a force to be reckoned with!

RR: What top tips would you offer busy women in identifying and creating their public image?


  1. Buy clothing and accessories that reflect your personality and work for your body architecture. Buying something because it looks good on the mannequin doesn’t work.
  2. Remove clothes from your closet that you don’t wear, don’t fit, or don’t make you feel awesome!
  3. Hire an image consultant if you’re having trouble. It’s crazy to think we can be an “expert” in all areas of our lives. We hire accountants and manicurists. Why not hire someone who can help you refine your personal brand?


As a special offer for all friends of Reset Retreat, Thea is offering 10% off her Signature Style Program or DIY Style Kit through December 31, 2016. Refining your personal brand is a great way to take what you get from the Reset Retreat experience to the next level.

author-theaThea Wood, Signature Stylist

Thea works with women to create a visual message that says who they are and where they’re going. She creates image strategies based on the elements & principles of art, body language, color psychology, and Yin-Yang balancing. The power of this knowledge can change lives– learn more at


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