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Yoga Instructor for February Retreat | Reset Retreat

Yoga Instructor for February Retreat

There are certain people who show up in life as if they were perfectly picked by the stars and delivered to you with a note saying, “this is just what you need.” You have that feeling right away: this is a perfect fit. Lauren came into our “Reset Retreat world” and we knew instantly she was the right yogi to help us create an unforgettable experience for our retreat guests.

We are thrilled to introduce Lauren Buck as our yoga instructor (and so much more) for Reset Retreat in February. We sat down with Lauren to help you get to know her.

RESET RETREAT: Tell us about your journey to yoga?

lauren lolasana editedLAUREN: My first yoga class was at the corporation where I worked. They offered a free lunchtime class as part of a wellness program. I didn’t have a great relationship with my body then. I didn’t like it very much and was shocked at the seemingly simple movements I couldn’t do.

But I quickly saw that this ‘yoga thing’ was going to be a game changer. As the months went on, I grew stronger and more flexible. But more than that, I was practicing accepting myself as I was, in that present moment, every time I stepped onto the mat.

The transformation of practicing that way – practicing for presence – was so radical for me. I began to respect my body and its rhythms. I became humbled instead of controlling. I craved vulnerability rather than safety.

I ended up leaving my job after a few years to go to yoga school. I loved everything about creating transformational experiences for others and I was good at it. All the skills and all the careers I’d had – writing, editing, performing improv, teaching ESL – seemed to have conspired to prepare me to help others share my experience on the yoga mat and beyond.

RR: Why Reset Retreat?

LAUREN: Our missions are a complete match!

I’m not interested in just helping people tone up and heal an old back injury. Though, don’t get me wrong, those are wonderful reasons to start. But once you get a taste of how yoga can totally reset your entire attitude about life – and thereby your entire life itself – it’s kinda hard to stand pat with the physical results that initially attract most of us to the practice.

I’m excited for the chance to work with women who are ready for a transformation into more peace and joy.

RR: What changes do your clients see in themselves after practicing with you?

LAUREN: People report that they feel more present and less distracted. Their relationships improve. That constant pull “to do” melts away – which weirdly allows them to get more done and also enjoy doing their work more.

I also often get reports that sleep improves, they feel less worn down, have more energy and feel more joy.

DSC_2737We live in our bodies our whole lives. But we are rarely at “home”. I have wept with gratitude after working with certain clients when we both felt the moment they arrived home for the first time in years. Because I know exactly how that feels.

RR: We practice yoga outdoors during the retreat. Are there benefits to this that you’ve experienced?

LAUREN: I went to yoga school in Costa Rica, and my entire training was outside – in the treetops of the jungle or at the beach. I have taught retreats in Costa Rica and Mexico, both in similar outdoor locales and it’s incredible.

First of all, there is something magical about practicing at the beach. The ancient yogis said that there is more prana {life energy, transmitted by the breath} at the beach and in the mountains. So when you practice in these places, your efforts automatically yield a greater result.

Secondly, yoga is about coming home to your essential nature. It’s the art of waking up. This is far easier to experience if you are actually in nature, away from the holographic world of schedules and a constant stream of text messages.

RR: During the retreat, you’ll be offering both group and private yoga sessions. What are the differences?

LAUREN: In a group class with varied experience and skill levels, you really get to challenge the focus muscle in your mind: Are you going to identify with your ego, which wants to push you to perform as well as everyone else? Or will you identify with the witness, who is observing exactly where you are in this moment? Will you drop into child’s pose when your breath becomes disturbed – even if everyone else is balancing in ardha chandrasana? What will you reinforce – ego or presence?

Of course, those same issues come up in private practice as well. Aligning with that kind of mental stability is a central theme in all yoga practice. But in a private session, I get to really nurture her. I get to explain the poses – the sensations the student is looking for, how to use the breath to access or grow those sensations – in the exact way the she will best receive it. That might mean the language I use, or the breathing instruction I give, how I lead her into the pose, or how I use hands-on assists to help her feel it.

The result is that she learns through a very direct experience. She doesn’t have to mimic what I, or anyone else, is doing. She learns it by feeling it in her own body. And if you give the body a chance to truly rest after learning that way, it doesn’t forget.


RR: We believe in the importance of making yourself the priority so that you’re able to be a better mom, wife, daughter, friend, etc. How have you been able to do this?

LAUREN: I’m a mom, so I couldn’t agree with this more. My son is 2.5 years old now, so he doesn’t exactly respond well to reason. And he’s never been a great sleeper. I’ve tried everything in the book, and he still resists going to sleep. Every. Night.

Finally, I decided to start taking care of myself. It was completely depleting me to get my son to sleep every night. He didn’t want me to leave the room, so I said I would stay and meditate if he could stay quiet in bed. He agreed, and that has been our routine ever since.

While he lies down, I sit on a yoga block in the dark and drop into a 20-minute meditation. It fills my cup, and is the thing I always felt I was missing out on by spending so freaking long putting him to sleep.

Now, he is almost always asleep by the time I finish.

But sometimes if I try to sneak away early, he sits up in bed, points at the floor and says, “Mommy, meditate please.” It doesn’t get much better than that.

Daily group yoga is included with your Reset Retreat package. Learn more about what is included or book your Reset Retreat experience today.


lauren yoga 3 quarter shot.jpg About Lauren Zinn Buck

Lauren Zinn Buck teaches yoga + meditation in Austin, Texas. Also a professional improviser and improv teacher, she is the creator of YogaPlay, a popular workshop and yoga teacher training that combines basic improv games with powerful yoga techniques to elevate presence + creativity. She also creates free yoga videos and audio practices — sign up at



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