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The Unplug Yourself Challenge – and why you should try it! | Reset Retreat

The Unplug Yourself Challenge – and why you should try it!


How much social media is too much? Is Instagram, Facebook and Twitter the first things you wake up to in the morning? Are you one of those individuals who replies to emails at all hours of the night? When do we finally say enough is enough and unplug from the digital world?

In a world where we are inundated by technology and social media, disconnecting seems impossible. We live in a place where we can look anything up with the touch of a button – from Facebook stalking that cute guy you met last week to live Tweeting your happy hour dinner with your girlfriends! But when was the last time you just were present in the moment and completely social-media free?

This week, I got to experience being unplugged first hand after a kayaking incident where we flipped the kayak and my phone decided to beat the Houston heat and take a swim! I was left completely phoneless…gasp!


I was amazed at how much clarity and perspective I gained through not having a phone. My mornings usually consisted of waking up and checking work emails, then Instagram and finally Facebook. Before I knew it, almost an hour had flown by, leaving me rushing to get my morning coffee and out the door in time for work.  

I hadn’t realized that being on my phone had become such a huge part of my morning ritual and how it impacted my attitude for the rest of the day. Being phoneless for almost a week caused a drastic change in my mourning routine. Instead of wasting 45 minutes on social media every morning, I now use that time to reflect, be present and give thanks for yet another beautiful day. Since I’ve made this change, I now feel more focused and productive throughout the day.

I’m challenging you to find some balance in your life by disconnecting. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you feel when you make it a personal priority to unplug and embrace the world around you.

The Unplug Yourself Challenge:

  1. PHONE FREE the first hour of the day: Leave your phone on the charger! After you wake up, the first hour of your day should be dedicated to you – meditate, read the paper, exercise, go for a walk, or have breakfast with the family. Go through your morning routine without flickering phones and computers competing for your attention.
  2. restaurant-690975_1280BE PRESENT – put your phone AWAY  in social situations: When you’re texting, e-mailing, updating your status, or checking in with your friends while in the presence of others, you’re not fully engaged with the real world. Being on your phone around others suggests that they’re not as interesting as whatever is happening in your virtual world. Put your phone away and enjoy the moment!
  3. TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS on your social apps: You don’t need mindless distractions interfering with your day! Who cares that 5 new people liked your Instagram post, what Sally and Timmy had for lunch, or if Jessica really got back together with Jason?! These are not things that have any major impact on your life. One notification can easily turn into 30 minutes of scrolling and creeping through photos….next thing you know you are on Jason’s best friends, ex-girlfriends, little sisters vacation photos from 2008 and for what? When you disconnect, your real life is still waiting, but a chunk of time has been lost!   


Try this for a week, and with just three small changes to your daily routine you will began to notice a real lifestyle change. You will start each day with a fresh mindset prepared for anything that comes your way, have deeper connections and conversations with those around you, but most importantly you’ll free up valuable time to spend on the person that matters most in this world…you!

For more information on social media and why you unplugging is a healthy choice, visit:

author-kristaAbout Krista Goodwin

When Krista smiles, the world smiles back. Her infectious personality makes her a perfect buddy to be present with and enjoy a new adventure. You can find Krista mentoring youth, kayaking the bayou or cheering for her favorite team… Go Texans!



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