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5 Simple Ways Busy People Can Live Healthier Lives | Reset Retreat

5 Simple Ways Busy People Can Live Healthier Lives

1. Find time to do something you love daily…I know I know…. Just 5 Minutes!!!

Even if it is only for five minutes, it is critical to your mental and physical health to find moments of joy and happiness each day. Even if you have just 5 precious minutes to spare for yourself, use it wisely! Put your phone away and just sit and breathe. This will help you de-clutter your mind and just ground yourself, maybe even give you some renewed energy to take on the rest of your day. Sometimes to get perspective we just need a minute to chill or catch our breath.


2. Save time by drinking your greens.

With juice bars popping up everywhere, it’s becoming easier to get your daily dose of vegetables in a fresh pressed veggie juice, which starts your day with a boost of nutrients and live enzymes to improve your immune system, increase energy and decrease inflammation. Try swapping your morning coffee for a fresh fruit and veggie juice two or three days a week. You may be surprised how quickly you’ll stop craving coffee and carbs in the morning.

3. Protect Your Adrenals!

Many stressed out city dwellers are at risk for adrenal fatigue, whereby the body stops producing enough of the stress-managing hormone called cortisol. Consider taking an adaptogen, an herbal supplement to help the body cope with long-term stress. I recommend Rhodiola or the Chi Junky Serenity Blend. Adaptogens also help you gain mental focus, decrease anxiety and wake up feeling more positive.


4. Colour Therapy

Fill your plate with more greens and brightly coloured foods. This will boost antioxidants in the body, helping you fight free radical cell damage, which weakens the immune system and promotes aging. City life, pollution, heavy metals, cigarette smoke and stress all contribute to free radical damage.

5. Enhance Your Water

Make hydrating more interesting with naturally flavoured water. Just add lemon, mint, cucumber, orange or lime to your H2O! A hydrated body is essential to health but too many of us don’t drink enough. Woman should drink a minimum of two litres daily and men three to four litres. Note: Green tea does not count as water because it contains caffeine. Drink an additional cup of water for every caffeinated beverage you consume.

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A certified yoga instructor (RYT), holistic nutritionist (CNP), iridologist and colon hydro-therapist, owner of The Chi Junky Studio, and Reset Retreat yoga guide. Follow Rachelle on Facebook,Instagram, or Twitter.



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