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Finding my ‘reset’ switch | Reset Retreat

Finding my ‘reset’ switch

Today is a beautiful day. I’m sitting in a café, sipping coffee, and watching the people around me live their lives. I can’t stop smiling. Six months ago I realized what I wanted out of life. I came up with a personal manifesto that I still think about on the daily.

IMG_8486Live this life. Experience every moment. Challenge yourself. Never lose sight of your dreams.

Something about consciously deciding how I want to exist in this world has brought me every opportunity I could ever have hoped for. I decided that I wanted to be open to the world. Travel, experience, connect, and inspire. Fear was no longer going to play a part in my decisions – achieving my goals was the primary focus. I knew how I wanted to live my life, the only thing missing was finding my purpose. My way to change the world.

A few months ago I was invited on a trip to Croatia with a group of entrepreneurs. I hemmed and hawed – did I want to spend several thousand dollars on a trip with people I didn’t know? The “yes” woman in me decided I did. That trip was incredible. Worth any amount of money.

I found my purpose there. I met the most inspiring and exciting women that I am proud to call my partners in the Reset Retreat. It started with a random conversation on a sailboat. Continued with a fast evolving idea at a little café-bar at a quiet inlet on the island of Hvar.


It was about how we empathize with the women in our lives who struggle to take themselves out of bad situations. Who repeat the same patterns that trap them in a life that makes them unhappy. How everyone at some point in their lives needs the opportunity to get away – to reset. This was the beginning of an idea that became a purpose. To help people find themselves. Their catalyst for change. Their moment.

This is why I am here today. This is why I am glowing with inspiration. This is how I will make a difference in this world.

About Crystal Veness

Crystal Veness is an adventurer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Reset Retreat, a luxury women’s retreat, with a focus on resetting your path through wellness, adventure, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. She looks at every day as an opportunity to try something new, learn from others, and share the inspiration she has found through traveling.

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