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How resetting my patterns helped redefine my dream | Reset Retreat

How resetting my patterns helped redefine my dream

I was going to be a famous singer, make $1 million by 26 years old, and use that $1 million dollars to build a resort like Atlantis Resort where people could experience ultimate fun. This was my dream that started when I was about 8. Just to be clear, Atlantis actually cost $800 million to build. I point this out because I was delusional. Sure, an 8 year old can be delusional. Heck, a 20 year old can be. But when I started nearing 26, I realized I had kept some of those delusions my entire life and didn’t allow the dream to grow.


Because so much of that dream had real passion behind, all of it stayed with me my entire life. It couldn’t change. I would show all those naysayers: I am going to do it if it kills me. And it kinda did: my spirit anyways.

I was tirelessly working towards a dream that I hadn’t fully formed – as an adult self. I was spinning my wheels for something that wasn’t making me happy. I read this as fear. Just conquer the fear. Push through. You’ll love it when you get there.

Even as I put pen to paper, there’s something in the back of my head saying, “but you love singing so much!” I do. But a dream should never be put in a box.


I was starting to see something extremely terrifying: The “dream box” that had defined me my entire life wasn’t actually what I wanted. It rocked my world.

One day I woke up and it just hit me: I needed to figure out what my dream was again. Sounds great! How in the world does one do that?

I decided this would be my new focus: Figure it out. But I needed to shake things up. Because I didn’t know what that even looked like, I had to change my patterns and get outside of routines and bad habits to (hopefully) see more clearly. I needed a reset button.

I had read about others going through rough patches and how they picked up, quit their jobs and traveled the world, backpacking across Europe and meeting unique strangers over drinks at the hostel. I really like nice linens and pillows. This wouldn’t work for me. But they were onto something.

My man and I packed up our life, put it in a storage unit, and started living on vacation rentals in the town we lived to get a different perspective for 3 months, changing homes every few weeks. This was something manageable. I could do this.

Fast forward to over 1 year and 18 houses later, this ended up being a game changer. Small things were making a monumental change: How I drove home, where I parked my car, which restaurants I went to, where I took my daily walks. I wasn’t able to be on auto pilot. It was making me jump outside of my patterns. The most amazing thing started happening: I began noticing the leaves in the trees and the brilliantly blue skies. I also started seeing what makes me happy, all the way down to my core.

I jumped outside of my comfort zone, which led me to two inspiring entrepreneurs I met while sailing in Croatia. These women are now my partners in crime for Reset Retreat.

Through this, I realized my dream – all along – has been to build incredible experiences for people that make them happy. As long as I’m doing that, I’m on the right track.

This is who I am. This is why I am here today with Reset Retreat.


About Cierra Savatgy-King

Cierra has been living on vacation rentals to reset her own path for more than two years. She's cofounder of Reset Retreat, a recording artist, a crazy cat lady, and loves exploring new things and doing handstands along the way.

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