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You are worth loving | Reset Retreat

You are worth loving

You are good enough. You are worth loving.

It’s been about four years since I heard those words in the safety and seclusion of my therapist’s office. Simple statements, but enough to unleash the newest wave of tears. I cried because I wasn’t sure I believed it. I cried because if I could, my healing would begin.

I was in the midst of a messy divorce, my own personal hell. A hell that had me wallowing in self doubt, insecurity and self loathing.

I suffered in limbo for two years, unable to release myself and unwilling to trust myself enough to reinvest in creating a new life. I had never failed at anything, how could I fail at this? How could I possibly be good enough and deserve to be happy after this failure? How could my family and friends ever feel I was worth loving again?

Emotionally exhausted, I sought counsel. I was encouraged to learn, to grow and to reflect. Where did my guilt, my rage, my pain come from? What did I want and what did I need?

The answers to these questions became life changing for me. It doesn’t matter if the answers scared me, surprised me or confused me. Whether seemingly good or bad, they were mine. I made a choice to learn from them. Until that moment, my life had been relatively conflict free. I had never been forced to get to know myself, to ask the tough questions and to fearlessly face my personal truth.


I discovered that ignorance of yourself and of your prevailing intention is a true tragedy. I chose to stop hiding from myself and I learned not to sit in judgment of myself or others. You may not be who you think you are, and that’s okay… We are always changing on our journey.

My Reset Retreat journey began when I recognized the compassion, empathy and extraordinary capacity for learning in two amazing women. We began to share experiences and bond over love, life and loss. We were shockingly similar and different all at once, but our commonality was wanting to institute a change- in ourselves, our friends and the world- and knowing that we could. The chemistry and excitement was palpable as we began conceptualizing Reset Retreat- a place to learn, grow and reflect.

By even reading a bit of our story, you know you are ready to let your real journey begin.

Accept yourself. Forgive yourself. Know that you are good enough. Know that you are worth loving… Reset. Rejuvenate. Reinvent.

This is who I am. This is why I am here today at Reset Retreat.

About Natalie Jenkins

Cofounder of Reset Retreat, Natalie lives her life outside of the box. Her aim is to have and create amazing experiences. A former slave to corporate mentality, social and geographic restrictions, she has restructured her life to maximize her personal experience.

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